Nova Dogsport, Harrietsfield, NS and Fetch Inc., Dartmouth, NS


This class is designed to strengthen the bond you have with your dogWe will include lots of tricks, motivational games, fun attention work, control vs. drive work, speedy recalls, problem solving, intro to jumping, off leash work etc. There is no pre-requisite for this class except a strong desire to have fun with your dog!

The class will increase your ability to communicate with your dog as well as give you the foundation skills necessary to continue in any future dogsport.

Classes, Levels I through III, are ongoing at Nova Dogsport in Harrietsfield on Tuesday (4:30 pm) and Friday afternoons (1:50 pm & 3 pm)


Rally obedience is a fun dog sport that encourages a positive relationship between dog and handler. Combining aspects of obedience and agility, it involves a numbered course which dogs navigate with their handler. Each course is different and provides distinct challenges as teams work their way through Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent & Master levels.


Beginner Rally is a preparatory course for those interested in discovering the world of Rally Obedience. It will provide the handler with the skills needed to navigate a novice rally course as well as giving a brief introduction to some of the more advanced skills. While perfecting our foundation skills, the focus will be on having a fully engaged canine partner! Skills covered include: ring entries & snappy setups, heeling, positions (sit, down, stand, front, finish, etc), hand touches, focal points and a complete explanation of novice and intermediate course signs.

In the Novice/IntermediateAdvanced/Excellent and Master level classes, we build on the foundations established in Beginner Rally and start to work on the new skills and signs needed to complete courses in higher levels.

Rally classes are ongoing throughout the year and are held at:

Nova Dogsport
Friday afternoons (Novice/Intermediate 4:10 pm)
Sunday evenings (5:50 pm Novice/Intermediate and 6:55 pm Advanced/Excellent)

Fetch, Inc.
Thursday evenings (7:15 pm - Novice/Intermediate and 8:15 pm Beginner/Novice)

NOTE: A Master class will be offered, tentatively in June 2020. Please contact Jane for more details.


These classes are meant to develop teams aiming to compete at the Pre-Novice through Utility levels of CKC Obedience. Join a fun class environment where we learn the foundation skills necessary to succeed at all levels while keeping an enthusiastic and motivated partner. Jane and her students have earned multiple high in trials at all levels and are noted for their animated and precise performances.

Novice Competition Obedience
Nova Dogsport, Tuesdays 3:15 pm

Novice Competition Obedience
Fetch Inc., Wednesdays 6:15 pm and 7:15 pm

Trial Prep Novice Competition Obedience
Fetch Inc., Wednesdays 8:15 pm

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