Student Accomplishments

July 2017
Sharon and Easton, ASCA RME

June 2017
Sharon and Rooster, PCD
Sharon and Easton, RE
Chantal et Merlin, PCD
Diane et Gamin, CD

May 2017
Catherine et Berry, RAE
Sylvia and Gem, RE
Christiane et Fado, RE
Pat and Bro, RA
Lucie-Marie et Margaux, RA
Lucie-Marie et Esmay, RA
Annick et Neo, RN
Eric and Chuck, UD
Pat and Pheist, RA

April 2017
Guizmo, UD
Chantal et Fiona, RE

March 2017
Pat and Bro, CD
Meagan and Molly, RN

February 2017
Lucie-Marie et Margaux, CD
Lucie-Marie et Esmay, CD

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