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Just CHUTE the Dog: Using Training Aides Effectively

by Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

Training aides, such as chutes, can be used as a very effective tool in your training.  Often people are leery of relying too much on these tools and are quick to remove them lest the dog become too dependent upon them.  However, when aides are used correctly, we find them most effective when they are used consistently right from the very beginning...

Schutzhund Life: Rules of Engagement
by Carissa Kuehn

Don't we all want that dog that pushes us to work, and remains enthusiastic, spirited, focused, and engaged on the trial field even when classic rewards aren't present? There are different types and levels of engagement, but that active, sustained engagement is what we eventually want. Taking the time to cultivate...


Do Dogs Have to Be Wrong to Be Right?
by Betsy Scapicchio

There are many methods and philosophies of dog training out there, and there is no one right answer. We can only speak to our experience and the method that we are most comfortable with and have found to be the most successful. To read more, visit: http://trainthetopdogway.tumblr.com/post/153823379698/do-dogs-have-to-be-wrong-to-be-right

The Misunderstanding of Time by Nancy Tanner



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